“An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a pound of cure.” ~Benjamin Franklin


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 *WINDOW TINTING AND REMOVAL– protects the interior of your vehicle, lowers the temperature inside the vehicle


*SCOTCH GUARDING—makes fabric waterproof so liquids instantly bead up on top of fabric for quick removal instead of soaking in, causing stains


*UNDERCOATING—coating sprayed underneath vehicle to deaden road noise and prohibit rust

*PAINT SEALANT– a sealant that protects vehicle’s paint so that it will not need a wax for up to one year. This product can also be refreshened to keep the sealant working for longer.


*LEATHER CONDITIONING— keeps leather flexible and in good condition to prevent cracking and tearing

*3M INVISIBLE BRA PROTECTION—a 3M product that can be applied to bumpers, mirrors and side panels to protect rock chips and bug marks. Bye-Bye lovebugs!


*RAIN -X FOR ACID RAIN PROTECTION—applied to prevent acid rain deposits from settling into windows and paint, also provides greater visibility while driving in the rain as the rain slides off the windows more easily