Thinking about buying a new car? Why not renew the one you have? Or if you plan on selling it, consider these options to get the most out of the sale:



*FULL SERVICE DETAILING Get it Clean! With a Full Interior and Exterior Package. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


*OVERSPRAY REMOVAL SPECIALISTS–  Removes unwanted overspray paint from your vehicle’s paint and windows and restores it to a smooth and spotless finish


*WET SANDING– Removes deep scratches and imperfections in paint


*BUMPER AND MIRROR PAINTING– Get rid of rock chips, scuffs, and bug marks with a fresh coat of paint on these notorious problem areas


*PINSTRIPING—Freshen up your vehicle’s exterior by replacing pinstripes


*GRAPHIC APPLICATION AND REMOVAL—Give your vehicle something special or advertise for your business, or remove unwanted graphics


*DYING OF VINYL TOPS and EXTERIOR MOULDING— Fading happens, re-dye these areas and bring back life to your vehicle


*PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL– Small dents and dings may be able to be corrected without an expensive trip to the collision center, stop by for an estimate


*WINDSHIELD CHIP REPAIR— If you have a rock chip we can keep it from spreading and take it down to a pinsize dot


*TAR REMOVAL– road tar and heavy grimed removed


*CHROME RIM POLISHING— Make your rims look like new


*ACID RAIN REMOVAL—Removes acid rain from Glass and Paint


*DYING OF LEATHER and CARPET—Cracking leather and stains in carpet? Make leather seats and carpet look new again


*FLOOD DAMAGE— Remove carpet to clean and remove water and replace carpet padding


*HEADLINERS—Headliner falling? Replace the headliner in your vehicle, come in for a color match


*SMOKE AND ODOR REMOVAL– Interior cleaning and odor bomb


*LEATHER REPAIR—Repair small tears and cracks in leather


*BURN REPAIR– Repair cigarette burn marks in fabric and carpet