Acid RainThis is when rain leaves spots on your windows and paint by etching into the clear coat. Also considered a type of harsh deposit, such as iron or a chemical, in the water. Areas near chemical companies or cities and towns that have a large amount of iron in the water supply or near sprinkler systems can cause the Acid Rain water spot effect. We use a product that when coupled with high speed and pressure, the spots are removed.


Paint Sealant—This will help make your wax coat last longer so that you only need to wax your vehicle once a year, instead of every 3-6 months. It will also protect your vehicle’s paint from acid rain. Must be reapplied once a year.


High Speed Polishing— This is a three step process in which your vehicle is cut, to remove light scratches and oxidation (haziness) and smooth out the clear coat. Second, it is revived, which brings high gloss luster back to the paint, and lastly, swirl remover is applied. High Speed Polishing is what we refer to as “Buffing”, while some refer to waxing as “Buffing” so be sure you know which service the detailer is referring to when shopping around for prices as these two things, polishing and waxing, are two different services and the price should clue you in to which one it is.  Polishing is a lot of work, a lot of steps involved,  and a lot of different products used, as opposed to simply a coat of wax that protects and seals the paint.


Wax– You should wax your vehicle every 3 to 6 months to protect the clear coat. Your clear coat protects your paint and wax protects the clear coat from harsh UV rays and elements. Avoid automatic machine car washes that use heavy degreasers that strip your vehicle of wax. For home usage do not use dish soap or any kind of car wash that does not have a wax in it. It will strip your vehicle of its wax. This does not give a true wax, but adds some protection. Note that when the temperature outside drops, you will see the wax on your vehicle, when under normal temperatures you do not see it. It is always there, doing its job of protecting your paint, you just don’t normally see it. Many people have the misconception that waxing your vehicle will make the car smooth and bring back luster. This is what high speed polishing does.  Waxing protects the clear coat that keeps the paint from oxidizing and fading.


Paint Touch Up- Paint touch up is just that: paint touch up. We match the paint using the paint code so it is the exact color, however, paint, especially metallic paint, will dry a little darker or lighter than the original paint because of  how it is applied. Original paint on the vehicle is sprayed finely from the factory, while paint touch up is added by hand with a brush. Two very different applications. The purpose of  Paint Touch– Up is to keep the paint from continuing to peel and prevent rust. You will still see the spot, but it will be less noticeable.

 To better help you understand the services we provide, to clear up misconceptions so that you are getting exactly what you need, and to help you know what to ask for.  If you ever have any questions, just give us a call.