Outside Detail—Polishing to Remove Oxidation

                               Headliner Replaced in Mini Van

           Paintless Dent Removal on plastic front bumper

Before                                                 After

                   Repaired tear in arm of leather and re-dyed

Before                                                     After

             Cleaned and Re-Dyed Bleach Stains in Carpet

Before                                                   After

                                           Removed Ink Pen From Vehicles Paint

Before                                                                                         After

                                                   Removed Tar Spots From Vehicle’s Paint

Before                                                After

 After– Left side polished and clear coat revived , Before -Right side heavily oxidized           

Before                                             After-Replaced with Oatmeal Tweed

                                                    Removed Scratches made with Brillo Pad

Before                                                                                          After

                                             Deep Cleaned and Conditioned Engine

Before                                                                                       After

                     Dyed steering wheel and center star to coordinate with dash

Before                                                                      After

                               Custom Dyed Center Console with Red Accents

Before                                                                        After

                    Removed scratches from door of vehicle made by automatic car wash machine

Before                                                                                          After

                                                               Outside Detail

Before                                                                           After