1) DO NOT use Dish Soap to wash your vehicle. Dish Soap is a degreaser and it will strip your vehicle of its wax which protects the clear coat, which protects the paint. So instead of dish soap make sure to use a car wash that has a wax built in, so you are always putting a little bit of protection back on until you can get a good wax on it.


2) DO NOT use Brillo pads on your vehicle. It will scratch it. The photo below is a customer vehicle that had used Brillo pads to clean it.











3) WE DO NOT RECOMMEND you take your vehicle through an automatic car wash. Automatic car washes use heavy degreasers to do the “work” so they also strip your vehicle of the wax that makes it shine. The “Touch less” car washes have the heaviest degreasers. The car washes that use brushes can scratch your vehicle because of the dirt particles in the brushes. IF you take your vehicle through an automatic car wash, make sure you don’t do it too often (no more than once a month) and when you do, make sure you put a good coat of wax back on it. Below is a customer vehicle that went through an automatic car wash and received scratches.